on filters//


the words didn't come easy

when i sat down to ... write

I almost claimed writer's block and gave up without a 

fight "no filter", my topic

a pretty broad umbrella

specifity needed, my headache more evil than cruella

what more could i write that could possibly define me

under the spectrum of no filter

i had to find something...

and then a light-bulb went off when I wasn't thinking of it

to yield to my creative intuition...


so i raised up my right arm, tilted my head to the side,

and studied my features--even the ones i wished to hide

and suddenly, no filter totally made sense

I chuckled to myself and made a grand entrance

to the filterless world,

and no sooner than i set my foot in, i set my eyes on a girl

with a smile, genuinely widened

warm, brown eyes to confide in

she mentioned to me, so fearlessly

that my soul existed filterlessly

and that a paper and pen could be my bestfriend

and that my confidence would never die if i kept the beauty within

"radiant", "warm", "breeze"

all miniscule things

I could change the world in a way that was positive and healthy

no one could define me based off the filter on my selfie

no filter meant just being me

and in doing so being the change I wanted to see

the rhythm and the rhyme would be here in time

as long as I made a point in getting my message through

Letting my arm down, dropping my phone on the bed

I looked in the mirror, smiled brightly and said "This one is for you."


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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