A Filter Cannot Better a Memory

Mon, 01/19/2015 - 10:39 -- ape100


life is not perfect, now isn't this true

and believe it or not neither am I or you

but perfection is not everyones dream

friendship and love will mend a tear in beautys seam

there is no need to filter any of this beautiful world out

because I do not want to miss what the real world is about. 

I want to be me, be who I am

I want to live through this world and just be me

I want to capture my moments in memories

And I want my memories to be shown how they were lived

They shouldn't be altered to impress

My life is my life and I live it strong and well

So there is no reason for me to dwell

My appearence is fine it does not matter to me

A filter cannot better a memory


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