The Female Agenda

Isn't it odd that I consider myself lucky

That no unwanted man has ever put his grubby hands on me?


This is not about luck though, or the clothes I've been wearing

I’ve simply been granted what I am declaring


Right place, right time, but my sisters are hurting

Telling the world of their stories, heroically alerting


Of the crimes committed on them and on us

And how the rest of the world seems to not give a fuss


Even the “lucky” ones like me, fear and hesitate

At the events that could occur at any possible state


Every passerby a rapist, every stranger a harmer

Anything out of the norm is enough to alarm her


And me, sitting here crying and thinking

That my whole life could be altered by what I am drinking


How if I walk alone at night, I’ll end up defiled in a ditch

Or if I exercise my right to say no, they’ll call me a bitch


I hold my mace to my chest and clutch my keys in my fingers

No matter where I am, the fear of assault still lingers


The fact that I’m female never exits my mind

Since we are always on guard and can hardly unwind


For even those trusted in our lives can deceive and abuse

We make snap judgements about who we can trust, and often we lose


Our femininity demands calmness, patience and meekness

While our confidence and strong personas are often seen as a weakness


Men often do not recognize their privilege or seem to understand

That women hardly feel safe in this supposedly great land


Since even the survivors, as brave and strong as they are

Aren’t taken at their word, which leaves a nasty scar


Despite all the hurt from our leaders and peers

Society cannot define us by or confine us to our fears.


I’ll fight for my right to a life that’s worth living

I’ll be bold, I’ll be nasty, but I won’t be giving


In to the demands of a messed up society

I’ll march and write and scream until all of us are free


From oppression, inequality, racism, fear

To those that underestimate us I hope that they hear


I’ll fight for this cause until my last empowered breath

I’d fight harder against oppression then I’d fight against death.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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