Felt A Funeral In My Brain

in a scream I was tossed in a frenzy of emotional imperfections
the silence richly embraced a feeling of a funeral in my brain
tried to take the thought captive but it never worked until
the knocking of the door to hear the strange noise of that of my mother
a soft still voice ensued until I was left to nothing more but a moment of silence
captivated by a push of mysterious decorum I set out to find the answer inside
still in my dream I wandered inside a cave with a warm crystal clear fire of a flame
stretched for my imaginative thought toward a figure inside the flame
as if a warlock was enticed to produce his magical powers amidst the flame
all of this was driving me insane as if two tombstones in my head
today its the walking dead people can't help you cause they can't even help themselves

the immense mockery of a white tailed dove flew outside the cave flying high in the sky
the twilight sun has blocked my inner vision I was left perplexed inside
a bitter chill of the after glow unleashed a deafening promise to explore so much more
the dream continued then onto another knock this time it was none other but a black cat
the innate furtherance of pillows being tossed throughout my room as if enclosed in some tomb
Ivy briars laced with the handle of Lavender bars would peak onto the climatic memory of the dream...
thoughts of Dickinson with her funeral moment with the hopes that it would dismiss this interval
conclaves of broken pieces emmersed in the cadence of an illusion
my soul permeates a reason for being but in heaven's name what ?

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