Feelings In A Relationship...

Joyfulness is white as a white rose

It sings to me like Sunday morning tunes

  It taste like sweet summer lemonade

 Has the smell of fresh linen fareeze

Jouyfulness makes you feel like Heaven on Earth


    Love is red like the blood flowing in my veins

 It's like a drunk in love song playing again and again

It taste like a strawberry daiquiri...No alcohol please

   Has the smell of spring blooming flowers

     The look of butterflies scattering

The feel of love send warm shimmers down my spine


      Sadness is black as coal

Has the sound of screeching fingers nails on a chalk board

   It taste like spoil cunky milk

 With the smell of sour pickles

Sadness is a screaming crying baby who cries because,

    It can't speak up on what to say

Sadness makes you feel like an emotional alcoholic


Depression is as grey as Seattle rainy days

 It's like a rat figuring out a difficut maze

    The taste of melted chocolate

  With the smell of rotten cheese

     The sight of fog in Florida

Depression makes you feel unwanted



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