Feel, Hear, See

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 12:34 -- kados


United States
42° 33' 23.3028" N, 83° 44' 28.1868" W

A rock in a sea of pebbles,
freedom overthrown by rebels.
Living in a world that is our own,
Painted gold by traveling stone.
All that I own is my pig and my cart,
bringing out the forgotten art.
The silent words of an Artist’s cry,
Never heard by a passerby.
I only see what I wish to see,
drown out the world, this is key.
As the words of the silent begin to rest,
Civilization is put to the test.

And one day I awake to the sound of the bustling streets,
there was nothing left, where did they go?
I swear I heard a heartbeat... Must have only been my Imagination.



You poem has an amazing flow to it and my favorite line is "freedom overthrown by rebels." Thank you so much for sharing this piece, it was beautiful to read.


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