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A battle wages from within
Between the good and the bad the right and the sin
Fear Eats at you from the inside out
10,000 pincher bugs with deadly snouts
each snacking on my intestines
waiting, wanting to be the next contestant
they try to consume me but they wont win
I'll fight till the end, till the edge, till the rim
Maggots and leaches they all take their share
devouring me quickly like a juicy pear
the perfect metaphor striking a deadly blow
because bite by bite I die slow
my life flashes before my eyes I begin to see the worst
why me why me I must be cursed
but finally the pain subsides and I'm OK
the battles over but the war will continue another day
It's strange how quick it takes for fear to subside
or maybe it's just waiting, hiding inside
So that is fear; the unanswered call
No man stands a chance, no none at all.


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