Fear of Yourself

Fri, 02/06/2015 - 21:15 -- jmt2879


The real problem in this world

Is there’s no escape from fear

And the fear of being oneself

Is a fear greater than any

It follows you wherever you go

For the fantasy that we can just be us

Doesn't work as well as we’d hope

Lust and greed

Envy and pride

There all the same when they appear

But I for one am tired of all of this doubt

The studying for tests that don't count

I try my best

I do whats asked

I please the others

But still I’m cast out

I want to scream

And even trash my dreams

I am overwhelmed

This world isn't for me

I fight my fate

I won’t comply

Yet still I long to just give up

What good am I

My mind's a mess

Maybe I’m even less

Cursed by my mind

Cured by the love of time

Broken though I am

I am built back up and stand

Distortions only I can see

Thoughts that may not belong to me

I am tired of all of this doubt

I just want to back out

Sins too many to count

In charge or so I thought

They tempt control over me

Watch as I waver against my will

Yet i hope in clarity I can stand still

Fear of complying unto this world

I aim to be different from all of you

Lessons I’ve learned from the best of friends

Fate can be broken by the wills of men

Society tells me I'm no good 

But I think beyound their simplicty

For I know I am made with creativity

I will paint my own canvas

And shoot for the stars

Nothing will stop me

Till I am at the top of the bar

So why put a filter here

And a filter there

Why limit myself

When myself is the best I can be

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