It’s a powerful thing


I have a lot of it, I think

From the tangible to the imaginary

Coward, scaredy-cat, pussy

It all comes back to fear

My biggest fear was one that I think all people have

The fear of other people seeing your own

I used to be afraid of people seeing my anxiety

I used to be afraid of strangers seeing me tense when they pass

I used to be afraid of people seeing me avoid horror movies

I used to be afraid of people seeing me shiver, shake, gasp, cry

I used to be afraid of people seeing me afraid

That’s the thing about fear

It makes you want to hide and scream all at once until it goes away

It never will

It’s a powerful thing

But the most powerful part of fear is the part where you overcome

I overcame slowly, at my own speed

I overcame with help from family and friends

I overcame by knowing my strengths

I overcame so I could help others overcome

I overcame because I knew in my heart I just wanted to say to them but more importantly to me:

Overcoming is not eliminating

Overcoming is not ignoring the fear

Overcoming is not the opposite of vulnerability

Overcoming is not a one-step solution

Overcoming is winning the fight against fear - and then offering it your hand.

Overcoming is inviting it back within you, but this time under your control

Overcoming is smiling when people ask you if you’re afraid because of course you are, but you know exactly how to handle it and it doesn’t make you any less of a person


Is a powerful thing

But so are we



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