I came to this world

I found my self in the hands of a woman

My mother

She looked at me wth a smile

For in me she saw a blessing

My father ,my father

Where were you?

U saw my birth as a curse

I just hope u ddnt wish for me to suffocate and die

U brought me here nd neglected me

U ran away from ur responsibilities dats cowardly


I heard u got my mom pregnant while she was still at school

U messed up her life

U messed up her future

U left her her heartbroken

No other man was able to put da pieces together


My mom is a superwoman

She went through all dat

I grew up questions about u haunting me

Why did u leave,why was I left behind ?

What did I do,what u looked like

Can I ask what you were thinking

That day when I was conceived

Was there any thought in your mind

Of all the things I would need

Did you wonder if you were good enough


Its funny I grew up without knowing how my father looked like

I was an innocent blood

U are a failure truth be told

U failed me

Um ashamed to even call you my father

My mom went through hours of pain and suffering just to bring me to this world

We were you,you ran away?

She brought me here

She put up wth me

She is my mother nd my father she played both roles

She gave me all I needed even though she wasn’t rich

She taught me to be a better man

I believe she is scared I will grow nd become like you

She did a good job on dat

Dad how could u leave her to be my mother and my father

What u thought u coudnt handle she can handle twice of dat

To me you don’t exist

you have long extinct

coz u were never der,u left me nd went you way

I assure you u gonna pay with regret all your life

I long forgave you I tried to give you a chance you still da same man you never changed

Nd never will

I wounder how u sleep do I ever cross your mind



 I used to pray for you each night

And beg God to bring you back

It took me years to realize that you do not belong

On the pedestal I put up

I have molded myself into a man of purpose

With God driving my life

I have grown into a man of substance

Without you in my life

I do not hate you or dislike you

Please dont misunderstand

I just molded myself on all your opposites

To make myself a real man

Look at me now

U cant even look at me in the eyes

Coz u are ashamed of your self

I did it nd um better dan you

My mom raised a king ,boss of the bosses

A champion of champions

A hope to many

Look at you now

U still da same man

Um sorry if this is hurting u 

I endured da pain you left me wth from childhood

Till now

Um sorry if this is rude but u deserve more than these







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