Fat Woman Against the World

I am who I am

And I want to have sex

You’re telling me no

But my body says yes

Society built an image

Tall, thin and pretty

Sucks that you’re none of those things

What a pity !

Let’s just pretend like you’re not even there

Do you see what she eats?

Do you see what she wears?

We deny you the sex

We deny you the pleasure

Cause your weight is more

Than my small mind can measure

If you’re feeling depressed

Or just feeling upset

Remember these things

And don’t ever forget!

How you feel is your fault

And you need to lose weight

Cause no guy would take a fat girl on a date

Your sexuality is not something you should announce

Cause you are nobody if there are rolls under that blouse

I wish that somebody would give me a chance

And see that my worthiness isn’t determined by the size of my pants

There is no difference between you, between me

I just wish that somebody could finally see


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