A thought in time I now know was a crime

I use to think that anything different from what I liked was enough

Insight to demand change from any little critter

This turned me bitter


A young girl aged 7 had thoughts as if she was 11

I'm cool and I'm in demand therefore I can charm and harm a friend

In order to change her then she'll be cool without blues 

And others wouldn't hurt the task I named

Basking in the sun trying to save her

You see Farron was unique and quirky I felt inferior yet guilty. 

I'm helping her to change in order for her flame to ignite a fight Within her

I kept saying I'm not against her


Unknown to me I was mean not lean

Deminished the pristine sheen that made her gleam like the stars in the sky

The truth is Farron was beauty and I was just a fly


A bully I became a title unattained through merit.

I inherited the gene to be a nasty machine


What I did wasn't right I knew this yet the truth is 

I was fighting at night in my dreams it was reality

I was scared and it reared its ugly head during the day

Playing games I called her gay.



And then time changed and the tables turned

I became a victim from my very own herd.

They called my curls fluff and labelled me a hori

Demanded I change it this is my story

They said my bum was like jelly so I hid it and when it came to running

I was fat so I should've quitted


I realized then that these people weren't my friends

I should've realized this even after I did what I did

I know this now

Then Farron came over without a pout of doubt 

She grabbed my hand smile so wide

I looked at her pride swelling deep deep down inside

I'm so sorry I said please forgive me 

She smiled and said come on let's play

Play with me


So stand up against those friends even when you think our can't you can

Demand a chance to prance around like a beauty with a crown not a frown

You have a voice so use it. You are not alone.

You are strong not weak

You are beautiful not ugly

You are patient not dumb

You are amazing you are fun!

You are you

So embrace your beauty warts and all because 

God sees you as a cutey

Flaws and all

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