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family should show love love from god above, family have to be real to each other and show the love that god taught us above to show love. family should be here to help each other and to love each other. family should not turn their back on each other. god have showed family how to love each other. family is put on earth to help each other and to love each other. family should arise abve our pity difference. family should not break off relationship for pity difference, family should not stop loving each other over pity difference. family should rise above their pity difference and rise to the love of god above. family in america need to love each other more and continue to love each other more. families open up your heart to each other and do not close the door on each other. we should promote love to each other and show the love like a mother to her child wow show some love to each is aqbout love and not to hate each other. family can continue to work on love that god show us from above. never put down your love for each other. when we show love as family  we show love to all god family.

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My family
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rocky5 alive

famil is what we needto make a change in america

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