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My dear, dear, family
I am so sorry that the very
Gaze of my eyes when
I look at you
Only widens the fissures between

I feel I am so different from
All of you
Yet others cannot tell us apart.

What have I to distinguish myself
from you,
that will not also leave
me lonely?

But we are not so different
as to be complete strangers to one another,
For Christ is the bridge between us
Let Him raise us up into
His loving arms.

You, my mother, you, my father
Lift up your mighty prayers.
You, my sisters
Save the children,
Play your music.
You, my brother,
Lead the world!

And I,
I shall care for it as
I have never cared before.

And we will be close
And we will be one
And we will be together
We will be, Family.


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