The False Friend

The False Friend


The false friend draws you into their flock to add to their numbers.

They want your assistance in achieving that shallow title, “popular”.


The false friend smiles in secret as you cry and blunder.

They silently hope that you only rise to once again falter.


The false friend grows angry and envious each time you smile.

They wonder why you’re so happy, as their soul grows darker.


The false friend never asks how you are because they care.

They only ask in hopes that your life is much harder.


The false friend calls you up for countless favors.

They will never offer a hand to help or a comforting shoulder.


The false friend is quick to point out and whisper of your sins.

They will never mention and thank you for the goodness you harbor.


The false friend is the worst kind you can invite in.

They lurk in the shadows as you begin to wonder,

What friendship really is.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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