Falling Until I Hit Rock Bottom

Like a dark seed 

blooming in the night.

The warnings I did not heed,

everyone thought it was such an awful fright!


Can I help but want to fight

a choice not my own?

Controlling everything in my life

the addiction you must have shown.


So why not a little freedom

to let out all my feelings.

I don't want to be part of your kingdom,

these scars are my kind of healing.


I never meant to go this far

my life, I took it all in vain !

No one knew how hard

it was to stay sane.


The scars, my silent scream

but no one heard.

How they wish it was a dream

one that would have never occured.


The wind swaying me in the tree

the only way out it seemed.

Was this meant to be ?

I nevered screamed.


If only I had someone

to look me in the eyes.

To erase what I had become,

to see beneath the half-hearted lies.


Maybe I wouldn't have died

with this heart broken in my chest 

I never wanted to hide,

my love they did oppressed. 


















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