Falling tall

Thu, 12/05/2013 - 15:43 -- AmberM


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Calm down take a breath... 

there isn't much to say society is becoming the victim while the rest of the world is a dictator.

telling you how to dress and play the game of life.

it isn't something we can calculate this isn't algebra nobody knows the function of pie, its not that easy.

these lies that  they tell the children on the streets encouraging them to dress and act in certain ways.

stereo types are the wolds weakness we need originality.

why not just be me.

i will succeed

helping give back

on my way to haiti in november facing the world one country at a time.

i want to be someone those see and follow.

help me reach my dream, help me make it reality.

face it a small-town girl living a dream

it is in eye sight but out of reach. 

i sit in church listening maybe its my time to stand and preach on what i believe.

don't be afraid to be you, let those who look at your wrong. 

make you strong.

we learn to walk tall but when some one is tearing you apart make sure you fall tall.

don't let them see the fear in your eyes.

whats your dream? make sure you dream big.

you will succeed don't let those who say you cant

make that choice for you, you are good enough

we today don't dream big enough

know what you want and do it.

life is to short to be pushed away from it.

i am a small-town girl on my way to make myself my dream.

quit sleeping open your eyes and make that dream reality.


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