Fall of the Oppressor Prince


When I see you in my dreams,

You have no power over me.

Time has done its part and I’ve grown up;

You are just a monster under some

Other child’s bed.

You do not frighten me from the other side.

When she feels his touch,

She will not think twice of you.

You do not have a hold on her anymore;

Time has given her the wings she was looking for.

You are just a lonely man living out his punishment

Behind bars for what you’ve done,

Know that you have never won.

I still see the light of day, unobstructed in any way,

No guns pointed at my back.

You will be there forever, until  you’re old and grey.

Then you’ll die with the fear that you tried to instill in me;

Homeless and hopeless, entirely alone.

No one will hear you take your final breath.

Exhale into oblivion, you will be collected by Death.


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