The Fall

What a feeling it must be,

To fall and tumble and fly so free.

To fling yourself from a rooftop high,

To call your friend and say goodbye.


And beware the man,

dressed in black.

Holding a gun.

His hair slicked back.


He will laugh and smile,

And you'll look out with desperation.

"Falling's like flying,

With a more permanent destination."




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Hey, I love both of your poems. :) This is the first one I read so I thought I'd comment here. I like this one especially. It's short, yet has great meaning and impact. Well, to me anyway. I don't know that much about poems, but that doesn't matter, I really like this one.
Also, if you need to talk to someone, please do. Sorry if it seems rude to say. Just because this poem is potentially about that, doesn't necessarily mean it's an issue for you... but, better to try and help than not at all! :)
ok, I'm kinda strange, I don'tknow if any of that made sense.
great job on the poem.


Thank you. Majority of my poetry is on Wattpad but I was shown this in class and was like "eeeeeh why not?" So I made an account and started using the ones I have already posted on there.

This used to be a huge problem for me, and is originally why I started posting them, and if you look at my Wattpad poetry book you can watch my mental health deteriorate. But I have recvered thanks to wonderful people such as yourself.

So thank you.

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