Since a young age

I've been plagued

My mind set a certain way

By fairy tales

They taught me

That happily ever after

Always follows the end

And the princes marry princesses and that's it

Fairy tales never prepared me for this

Because now I know that sometimes a prince loves a prince

But society degrades this

Because love isn't based on stability and compatibility

No its gender based

So people hate

It’s sick that boys can’t hold hands

And girls can't kiss

No because they say this isn't love

But isn't love happiness?

But society can't see it as that

So now I get sick

Sick every time I turn on the TV

Just to see

That another prince and princess died

Before they could become kings and queens

I was never prepared for true wickedness

To learn it’s not just in witches

But the holy

Because they shove bible verses

Down throats

Trying to choke out a disease

And I can't figure out when love became so deadly

Or when god became vindictive

Because its treason

Without a reason

Throwing slandered words like fags

Chasing any belief that it gets better

Out of their eyes

Why should we care if anyone is lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, or straight

Because I don't care

And neither should they

Because if a little boy decides one day

That being a princess is more fun

Then give him dresses and call him her

And if Rapunzel chops off her curls

Then tell her she's beautiful

And if Prince Charming falls in love with another prince

Then what's it matter

Because in fairy tale land

It should be they lived happily ever after, the end

Let it be

Let love be love

Don't criticize

No instead recognize true love

And I can't wait for others to open their eyes

To see the day equality is legalized

I can't wait to see Cinderella marry Snow White

And Prince Charming and Prince Eric to adopt their first baby

The day that there is no fear

For boys to hold hands

And girls to kiss

For rotten names like fag and queer

To no longer crush hope or exists

When everyone's happily ever after

Comes true


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