Faded Light

For reasons unknown, she didn't feel happy.
She'd spend days wondering why life was this crappy.
Her friends would tell her that she was their light.
But how could someone so sad, be so bright?
She thought she was confused, scared she was Gay.
The girl believed that those feelings would never go away.
She thought it was because of her family.
But they were always busy, to be a true family.
BUT WAIT! That's it! She would think.
The lack of her family, pushed her to the brink.
Sadly, it was only one of the things wrong.
She had felt so depressed for so long.
Her right arm was marked, from her elbow to wrist.
She let the hot water create a light mist.
She looked in the mirror, unable to see.
Until she wiped away the fog and discovered that that girl was me.


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