eyes open

it's hard to be aware

of the moving world around

the whipping and rushing and tripping and gushing

it's hard to stay with your feet on the ground


and it's much too easy to lose that footing

and fall down without a meaningful thump

you might cry or lose hope or lose everything inside

if you don't get up and move off your rump


it's beautiful

everything is so very amazing

from busses to porchlights to ladybugs and sodacans

if you look at the ground or the sky or the sea or the sand

you'll find something there that's worth long-spent gazing


you can't see it though if you never do try

if you lay and you wait for life to happen to you

it will pass by you so easy 

it's not hard if you try but you have to do just that when you see the day through



it's all so wonderous and fantastic and earth-shatteringly magnificent

it's sad that we could just

tune out

the sound of the universe trying to speak to us

and it wants to say



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