The Eye of the Storm

This year has passed just like all the others

It's last moments a whisper, before it joined it's brothers

On his deathbed, I spoke to my old friend

While we both knew that he would never mend


I spoke and joked of what we had learned

but he only cared of what we had earned

"love" was the word he said while breathing his last

Love that like him, would expire fast


Over the year I'd grew stronger and faster

I'd begun to exert myself at many things, but none of them did I master

Through the commotions, I'd even gained some new notions

and met someone whom made it all matter


This person was more then my life

More then just someone I wanted for a wife

She was an equal, a sequal to everything I was

What ever I did she was because


But she's leaving soon

My sun will be replaced with a moon

She has to go to a place so far away

That even our love won't be able to stay


And though there will be tears in the coming year

I am without a care


Because what's the point in thrashing and my tears choreographing

When I can lay next to my beautiful love laughing?

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