I had high hopes for you
Hopes that stretch there arms so high to reach Gods little messages 
But you wasn't there , hoping you'll come through that door any day 
Maybe my hopes one day hug thoughts and tell them its going to be okay
You are not coming
I believed in you
A belief so strong it can pick up a queens throne and let the sun kiss her Carmel skin
 But you wasn't there, believing if I find a leaf clover kiss it you'll be on your way
Maybe , my beliefs are wrong they whisper in my ear only thing to believe in is God
You are not coming
I trusted you
A bridge of trust not even that troubled water can break us down
But you walk the path to the home of my heart now trusting 
It's empty now sign says no trust passing 
Here, you still haven't came 
I love you 
My love give soft kisses to the cheeks of roses growing thew concrete
A love so strong maybe strong enough to heal a heartbreak 
Umm love is a lie the expecting of you was a gone give love but never showed love 
Innocence gone because I thought I knew love but all you want to do is screw love
But you dug... Deep touch together like trying to make ends meet 
You will never come, expecting is for the weak.… 


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