The Ex


United States
39° 49' 14.1816" N, 86° 10' 12.3204" W

I want to move on to my next,
but for some reason i still have felings for my ex.

Even though she played me ,
i stil let her call me baby

The way she treated me makess me want to diss her,
but when i look at her alli want to do is kiss her,

I'm trying to get her out of my mind,
but i see her all the time

I keep telling myself i dont want her back,
but when i see her i get a mini heart attack

Why dose she keep coming back into my life?
while bringing emotions i can't fight.

I don't want to push her away but i dont want her o come any closer, my feelings for her have put me on and emotional roller coaster .

But no i found a new girl but it turned out to be her close friend , so it looks like this will never end


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