Ethereal Mirror


If I didn't change me
then I don't know how I'd be
I've lived my life through broken memories
of who I once was
mixed with all the people who have shaped me
into the thing I am today

Someone once said to me that
people color and pierce and tat
up their bodies to change what they see
in the mirror
because they dislike what they find
in their soul

Trust me, I can believe it
the surgeries I have undergone
to manipulate my body
in poor attempts to change my soul
speak louder than any photograph
for this picture does not speak a thousand words
but listen close and it may whisper one or two

If I was a praying man
I might have blamed God
for the mess that I am
but I've got no one to blame but me
while I pick up the pieces
cutting the palms of my hands
on this ethereal mirror


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