Entitled Enlightened Confetti

I was asked recently to demonstrate one of my talents,

& Let these written words be my color palette.

Contrary to my style, my actions speak lucidly through silence,

Gracefully fueled with enough animosity to demolish the crookest palace.

Given that I did not acknowledge the power held within my crown,

I couldn’t completely grasp the value of my inherited divinity.

Blue cues emerging from a sea of doubt lead me to higher ground,

Deepening my beliefs which to you appears as an misconstrued actuality,

& now, I’ve come to realize according to society norms that I’m femininely abnormal,

Spoke the heart that knows evil, by no means, will be able to compete with the true harmony of life.

The energy I feel is a portal to the promise that keeps my soul immortal,

& my spirit continually realigns my body like a flower, blossoming towards clouded sunlight.

Orange butterflies quietly taking flight melodically in my belly,

I’ve always been inspired by the beauty of rare colors and unconfined expression.

Motivational coals exploited and transformed into uncrushable stepping stones,

Now that the illusion is exposed and reality seems evenly steady,

 I decline the demand to plead for acceptance and choose my rights to bear ageless spirituality, 

It is only my finest wrongs that creates the tone for all of my humble songs

Entitled Enlightened Confetti from a descendant of Bettie


This poem is about: 
My family


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