"Entities of melodies": Music for the soul


United States
33° 27' 53.0388" N, 82° 4' 24.2364" W

Listen to the heart of the bass
The beat of the rhythm
The taste of the lyrics that flows so smoothly through the tunes of nature.
The music that makes my heart dance and my lips sing, sing the song of melody.
The sway of my hips to the rockin' of the beat, the sweat drippin' off my body from the heat.
This is music for the soul.
The groove mellows of the sound.
The tone of the mood to my soul as the fade vanishes in the background the bass becomes lesser & less as the sound is tuned out of reality.
My soul is now rejuvenated and relinquished from the soulful melodies of the music that feeds the soul.

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