Enrich me!

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 22:26 -- I_Am

Enrich me with a bottle in one hand and cigar in the other

Enrich me with my first words like father and mother

Tell me I’m pretty and my hair looks great

Tell me that my thighs look nice for god sake…huh did you say that I need to lose some weight

You’re saying that my hair needs to be long and pretty like hers

Have a slim waste, thick thighs that give a vivacious curve

Wait...I don’t get it... you always told me to be myself

What I do????

(Silence falls)

 I really need help!

I need that bottle of coke and rum, that 5 inch tall bottle of ibuprofen

I need that blade to release these demons inside of me cast by the poverty, hate, and confusion laid upon me by the sick, sick, sick son of a society

I need that hand to help me get that rope to pull me over the hill and tie that knot of forgiveness and then slowly put me on that chair to stand as high as Mount Everest

It’s really crazy as the excitement has my heart about to beat out of my chest

I want to scream to the heavens that I am now happy and this is where I want to be

But I tripped and slipped and couldn’t catch a good grip

This is the trip that sent me to him

He now sees me, the real me

And he says to me the only person that can judge you is you and the only person who can enrich you with knowledge is you

He takes my hand and says come now it’s time to go home you

Don’t look back because all your pain is now gone


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