My tears spill over

Forever leaking, gushing, flowing tears

The embodiment of fear and disappointment

Am I not enough?

Not worthy of love


So I let you crawl into my brain

Allow you into my mind 

To tell me what to do

Acid rain clouding my judgement

All a haze

Blurry daze

And now I ask you again, am I not enough?

I try my best but repeatedly rejected

But what had I expected?

To be accepted

For who am already am?

What a ridiculous thought

I’m sorry, I’ll do better

I’ll fix myself

Improve myself, for you

Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?

Change into something I’m not

But it’s okay

Maybe now you’ll not toss me aside 

Push me off to the side

But welcome me with open arms 

And now standing on the ledge

I ponder the world and the people 

The actions that led to me wanting to step off the edge

And so I ask myself for the last time 

Is this enough?

I take a leap

A flash of light

My soul to reap

And with my last breath I am content

Finally, I’m enough


This poem is about: 
Our world


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