Energy Matters

someone once told me that I matter
until I multiply myself times the speed of light
then I am energy
when I merge with he who matters
it becomes synergy
it becomes clear to me
that words mean nothing
to ears that don't listen
its like two ears is whats actually missing
I am an essence
the most important section
the most dyer rule 
in any direction
I feel like I was chosen
to carry a nation
like those before me 
really weren't a foundation
I want he who matters to take up my space
to value whatever space I choose to grace
to linger on every word that I speak
I want him to sit in attention
cause my words secretly make him weak
I want his space to be filling
him to feel my touch is spine chilling
I dream of that energy
to be carried along all the time
as the perfect accessory
I want him to be questioning
to seek answers
like sinners that beg for access into heaven
my tongue is a weapon
to my energy it beckons
its a blessing
I want to matter so my energy is present
energy that is felt so I wont have to raise a hand
to show my presence
I dream of an energy that arrives before I enter the room
as I walk in late 
everyone is already consumed
almost like theyre amused
they'll take my energy home to use it as their muse
they get in the mood
as the background plays soft blues
and they try to remember just what I said
that sparked that fuse
an energy that isn't something to choose
something you cant lose
what you cant excuse
an energy that is there when I am long gone
a trace on the next page
from what was last drawn
an energy that grows
like a secret you try to hide
but everyone knows
an energy so high
grey matter
turns into beautiful colored splatters
so unpatterned
an energy camouflauged
trained to sneak up at the right moment
even granny says im glowing
like she didn't already know it
an energy sure to show itself
one that exceeds all else
I want my matter to matter to the nation
making the honorable question
their own greatness
making the highest man
actually consider my statement
an energy so amazing
wraps around you
tight as it embraces
so beautiful they cant blink
as their eyes are over glazing
kinda strange 
energy that heals souls
never dull
carried by his side
until he grows old
an energy
one day 
written in stone

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