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My Afro Stems from Kings and Queens  With Unruly curls  Just like Me. It’s not perfect 
Just because I am a darker skin color I am not ghetto I am not out of what's "acceptable" I am not white washed I am more intelligent than you think Just because I am nonexistent in your household
It took a bug flying into my hair To make me realize.   A little beetle, Brown, And scared, As I frantically untangles it from my mane.   I buzzed way, Barely escaping suffocation
someone once told me that I matteruntil I multiply myself times the speed of lightthen I am energywhen I merge with he who mattersit becomes synergyit becomes clear to methat words mean nothing
i sat in my imagination recreated music videos   imagined my skin bleached  by the lights   as the music made my hair feel long,   
My afro well equiped with a pick with the black fist at the tip Every individual follicle leads a captivating trip Throgh the conformity of society indiduality persists with 
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