The End Is Near

The beginning is long gone and the end is near 
Running with no doubts in her mind but she still runs with fear
With her heart in her left hand and her mind in the other 
She searchers for a place to hide them a place to cover 
A shelter a home a reset button 
A place and a time where she can just let go of this life and be able to start another
With not a second to spare would she say yes 
Everything would change nothing would be the same 
She wouldn't be sane or the same 
And when she would cry out at night no one would hear 
Because no one can hear someone who can't appear 
Who isn't here who isn't there 
No where to be found 
She is a shadow 
A shadow that walks around this earth trying to be seen 
Trying to be recognized from the crowds of people who walk by her everyday
And Maybe if I act like this or talk like this or walk like this someone will notice me 
But imitating someone else will only degrade me 
Will only ashame me 
Will only defy me 
With no tears to fall and no voice to be heard she is a blank page 
Ready to be given the ink to write out her life and live it 
Ready to do the unthinkable and unimagenable but what would a life be if you planned it all out on your own with no lesson to be told taught and learned 

With life comes patience and with patience comes deliverence the end is near

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