To: the end.

To: the end



The grasping of hopefulness remains loose,


Nothing means anything, and no one is here.

I guess time has made itself perfectly clear;

That I’m too late to be considered a bloomer,

I guess I should have faded away sooner.


There’s remnants of emptiness that failed to be filled,

I guess time is fascinated and thrilled,

That I now have realized:

Life is indeed valuable,

And life is not something that should be so malleable;


To bend yourself in favor of those who have ruined you;

Who have left you, after you have put yourself through

So much, too much-- it was terribly unbearable.


Everything you've endured,

Everything you've had to face,

Means absolutely nothing

In a matter of seconds,

Maybe days.


In the end,

There are no benefits.

Just you on your deathbed,

Filled with regret,

Pondering the words that could have been said.



My time is up,

And I finally see

That in the end,

Life was so precious to me.


Regardless of what I had to endure,

The torture only prepared me for so much more,

But I would never want that for you,

You who has made me the opposite of blue.


And now,

In the end,

I finally see:

That life is a treasure to hold on to,

To keep.


Listen darling,

Be wary to trust,

Be kind to those who don’t shut you up,

Be strong against those who want you to lose.

Be patient and truly love whatever you choose.

Be one with yourself,

You're the only one that you get.

And whatever you do,

Never leave anything unsaid.


I love you,

Please remember,

All the time we have spent together,

To the silver linings intertwined with all my struggles,

I hope I will be able to see you once more, my lover.

Thank you for the revelation,

That life is better with human sensation,

And now I shall close my eyes

One final time.

I hope to bloom,

This time with you,

In another life.



From: the end.


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