Empty Words

"I am here for you. All you have to do is call me." Words from a frivolous liar. I called, but you've never picked up. I text, but you've never shown interest in my struggles. So, why did you say that? People can't be counted on. Unpredictable. Unstable. Liar. I called when I was at my lowest. I called when I had nothing else to go to. But all I heard was a voicemail of how I could leave a message and how you would get back to me. You didn't pick up purposely, but your recorded voice confirmed that you would call me back. Liar. You never did. I called when my heart was heavy and when the voices were too loud in my head. You didn't pick up. Whatever you were doing was important than me. I am letting go of you and your flaky words. I am letting go of your soft promises and your deceit. You were never there for me. As tears flow from my eyes emptiness began to take your place. I am better off alone, than depending on someone who leaves my phone calls unanswered.

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