There was a chair that lied there so bare that you were supposed to fell.

when I needed you so as I looked apond those seat and cave into the curtains hoping that my eyes misunderstood what was the truth.


At the times I screamed for you cried for you and to walk alone because I lost you from being by my side

Which made me begin to be surrounded by fear of having you close only to be blocked by a glass that  left me on the other sides to see you.

As our hands crave of our touch to never have that satisfaction to wonder  in the wrong  direction trying to find something that could complete you..

That seat looked at me because I invasion how it would be if you sat there would everything change or stay the Same...

I  begin to drown in my blood to watch myself die and to not have you save me.

As I lied in the water silent floating and chasing the tears that ran down my eyes..

NOT having you there damaged me as a person because I had to continue on while you stayed in a place I didn't know .


on if you wanted to be here for me and if you did

Why wasn't you there...

analyzing how this world blends in with what we want and what we wake up To everyday...

a reminder on what we are MISSING ...

that empty seat that I took those step  and sat in it myself!! 

Because if you weren't going to fill it its only me who could do something about it.

That something else took your place of something valuable in my life.

That I no longer called for  but let fade in my memory that was  in the past.

You didn't even have the balls to walk into my future...

maybe that's why I no longer leave a seat out for ANYONE 

Because one day you may not be  filled but let empty..

that seat I look apond had one Name on it...

reserved for IMANI …

This poem is about: 



When you are no longer there to fill that part of my life.I begin to no longer need your presents but only know that I have one person who stays there when you weren't. MYSELF ...THOSE empty seat were times everyone once left me …ABOUNDED

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