Empty Promises


I'll love you forever, I don't care if you're rich or poor.
At first I take a little bit but it steadily increases more.
I promise I won't judge you, you can find me anytime.
I'll tell you all the words you want to hear, I'll consume your mind.
I will drive away your family and friends but I'm all you'll ever need.
If you lose the roof over your head my loyalty will follow you to the streets.
I promise I think you're beautiful, but I prefer you to lose weight.
I'll make you believe we are bound together by destiny and fate.
Don't you remember what I told you on our first beauty filled date?
Just let me in one time and it'll be a love you can't escape.
"I just need a little money, I promise I'm doing better."
I promise we are meant to last forever.
"You've stolen material things, but you're robbing us of hope."
No don't listen to that, they hate me, trying to hang me from my throat.
Why don't they see we're in love, we eloped,
I promise I'm all you need so you can cope.
And when everyone you loved turns their back and leaves,
Look at your reflection and you can try to blame me,
But all I ever was, was everything I promised to be.


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