Emotional Rollercoaster


I am from a small house with many people,
The sound of birds and smell of food.
Toys all around and bikes scattered on the ground.
Sitting at a full table and dreaming of a new life.

I am from independence and shyness,
Able to go on my own but unable to speak out loud.
Creating new friends as I go,
I know I am not alone.

Growing up gets harder and anxiety gets larger.
New friends to old friends to strangers,
The passing on of family members
To the struggle of letting go.

Senior year filled with joy.
Scars to heal scabs to peel,
Maturing and almost ready to leave
I shed tears of joy and sadness as days go on.

Family gets closer and watching baby cousins grow into teens,
Life seems to go faster week after week.
I watch as cousins get married like in a fairy tale.
My parents waiting for me and my brother's turn.

Life still goes on as I run to keep up.
Parents expect me to do my best and hardest,
As I try very hard to please them.
I am from an emotional rollercoaster.

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