An Embrace

Do you remember that Embrace?
Do you remember what was the case?
I remember what you said after staying up all night,
After seeing you again I have to remember you meant,
Everything you said and you don't want to repeat it,
After I was about to say those four lines In the hallway you wanted,
As I still have never got an answer from you,
I know what it is after what I went through,
Never mind how close I felt,
After just an embrace made you melt,
I could feel it and so could you,
When our eyes locked the truth is I didn't want to take them off of you,
I don't want to wait,
But if I had to guess that would be your game,
Your last chance is the same,
The game is ending if you aren't coming my way,
I know after the way he was acting,
He knows where you want to go and start unpacking,
You can call everything I am thinking and doing,
Maybe that is why you acted that way,
You knew I would always and never get you out of my mind each day,
It is the case,
That just an embrace,
Can keep the two of us at bay,
Until the other finds another way,
After all I told you I don't care about the physical with you,
Your perfect to me in almost everything you say and do,
That is the game I will play until you find me,
I will sleep with as many as I can and be,
They guy who you want even more than you could possibly imagine,
So breakout of the past again so we can make magic

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wow bro. thats deep. 

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