Emaciated Valor

Come home my sister,

Come home my brother;

Let these dark days be over,

And light shine upon the pathway

That carries you on its back,

To the warming house you know.


A cloaked figure shadows,

Waiting to penetrate into your lifeblood,

And snatch the diadem of jewels

Made of the ivory from an Elephant’s tusks.

The serpent slithers and slinks away

With the magnificent valor you 

Regard with pride.


Confined to cages by the slave driver,

Your only mean of survival depends

On subsisting your hunger for

Crooked stimulation.

Entangled in razor-sharp, jagged vines

Is your very core spirit.

Enslaved in entrancement

Straining to submit to the necessities

Of life.


Come home my sister,

My enchanting confidant;

Come home my brother,

My resilient guardian.

I have voyaged the ruined path,

To pull you upon

This bare and emaciated back,

Thrashing you from the evil,

To reach our timeworn home. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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