The Elevator

He held me close into his warm body and let out a soft warm breath into my ear as he expressed how much he needed me and missed me.


His dark arms hugged my back tight as he picked me up and set me down softly on the old tile.


His full lips pressed tightly against my lips as I held his soft dark face.


I knew he would come back.

He needed me and I needed him.


As our lips slowly separated, he uncrossed his arms from my body and looked at me with his mesmerizing brown eyes.


There was a ringing.

The doors opened.

He slowly left while still holding my hand tight.

He gradually let go and stepped out at the floor we were in.

He wasn’t ready.

He stepped out of the elevator and stood at the entrance facing away with his hands in his pocket and looking down.

As the doors started closing he finally started to look up,


But it was too late.

The doors closed.

And I was alone.

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