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I remember growing up,

Hoping to be Sixteen.

Thinking I'd receive all the Success,

Romance, and more Respect than 

when I was Fifteen.

But by the time I came to age

It was like someone else was the main character

and I was offstage.

I was in the audience searching for that one day

It'd be me.

Then I turned Seventeen.

Getting more recognition for my art,

It gave me pride for what could be in store for

when I turned Eighteen. 

But I was just an underground artist, a nobody

Never really sharing what I could do, or

who I was to more than just the student body.

Now I'm Eighteen,

And I feel like I'm just apart of the "everybody"

But what I could change is to rearrange my expectations 

for when I grow older.

What I could be versus who I should be

depend on what I will be

to achieve instead of receive 

when I learn Responsibility, The Real Definition of Love, and Trust.

And maybe then I'll obtain what I wanted 

than what I expected to have

when I turn Nineteen.

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