"Easy Way Out"


United States
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What gives birth to the bullet?
The bullet that, when aimed at the head, stops all thoughts...hopes, and dreams of growing up
All because of a piece of metal, we are robbed of more than the next doctor, lawyer, or entrepreneur
But, a piece of us
Now, the puzzle is unfinished
But, I can still see the picture
An adolescent picking up a gun, pulling the trigger
Now, blood is all over the face of the future
Some call the trigger "the easy way out" or "the end of my suffering"
But, it is a thief as well as a murderer
Hate, problems at home, and insults at school impregnate the mother of low self-esteem, who gives birth to suicide
Let the moving forward of peace replace the pulling back of the piece
We must put to death the trigger and its brother, the bullet, before they are born

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This poem is very true. I think you describe a gun perfectly. It wrecks people's lives as well as steals things from them. Amazing. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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