Dynamite Up Your Ass
no one gets by on any free pass
with a stick of dynamite up your ass
The succession continues
Of violent jerkoffs that
Are guaranteed to be the
Leaders of tomorrow
Frat house mtv spring break past
I wanna stick dynamite up your ass
On the sports team
At yuppie bars
The world is handed to you
You're a piece of shit

searching the internet for the latest trends
got a souped up fender on my brand new Benz
burning it up with fire for your lasting desire
somme peeps are a stick in the mud as if a cow chewing on their cud
got rhymes that rock got rhymes that rap
working to hard can give you a heart attack smack
Vegas bitches with nervous twitches always in the ditches
cash is king out in this evil scene
Oklahoma is quick with silver got me like a monkey in the middle yet I deliver

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My community


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