Dynamic Worlds

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Dynamic Worlds


How sweet is life 

relying on faces 

of matching Universes 

down the road of hardcore bliss 

among hard lovers falling and rising 

into sectors of premiere seconds

Angels and demons make their findings 

among souls cast in sleep 

among souls meeting at checkpoints.


Down tasty bitterness of curiosity 

seeking scene at Eden 

for forgiveness and fresh starts

sensitivity to life 

density of wholeness 

missing heaven, 

we are tensed to die, 

to meet tender heaven spoken of 

Life is back to life 

foundations of love for Love’s sake.


In lurking in hell 

among damned souls

the night will yearn for our hands 

as stars yearn for our hearts

I hear songs of victors and victims 

on Busy roads and Silent seas

premium beats of pricy uncertainties

crave for peaking highs

the day will stand for the night.


In other places, among different faces 

thoughts will build their spaces 

Life will show up from there 

on willing wings of miracles 

every story of prospective perceptions 

will interrupt genes 

secrets will be interpreted 

in scenes of grandeur built within cells

New generations will think they know.


Their saintly innocence 

I pray they keep 

with heavens might 

virtues may never stand every chance 

vices will sit on ancient thrones 




with times they had in worlds. 



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