Drugs in My Bloodstream

Lies are injected into my system

Just like a deadly drug into the bloodstream

I hate that I am an addict.

I can't stop, I keep going at it.


I'll do anything for a lifetime supply of this sentiment.

I don't want to let go, but I have to.

Just not yet, I can go on for a while more.

It won't kill me inside just yet.


I wanna feel the warm embrace of the rush.

I want to feel the lust directed at me once more.

Like it used to at the beginning.

Both addicts, one was the drug to the body system

 and the other the corpse.


The corpse who is not yet dead, but asleep.

In denial of all that it sees.

Deep inside, it's system knows why.

It fights against the body's foolish addiction.


I don't want to stop.

I want to go on.

On and on. Gimme one more shot into the main chamber.

Feed me this nicotine, cocaine, drug that I love.


I survive on it, I die with it.

Never ending deadly scheme.

Mmm, delicious intoxicating feeling.

That runs through my entire body.

Every muscle, my entire bloodstream



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