Drowning In My Mind


When I drown in my mind
And look for help
I need you to be kind
Yet you make me yelp

All these words you shove
Right down my throat
You blame my choices
As your scapegoat

The words, they go...:

"You're fine, you're fine
You think way too often
Be with family, keep it down!"
How can I when I want to drown-

Out the pain, out the lies!
The only truth is in my mind
Yet you say I panic over nothing,
How can I get "unlost" if you won't find
   Can't you see?
This world could be better
If you help; don't choke the person (people)
With an illness-this is my last letter
To make things better before they worsen
(Because lies are seeping in the schools and steeple.)

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