Driven to the Gates

Sat, 02/23/2019 - 07:40 -- swainza

Relentless driving to another break

Each rest stop another wreck at stake

Driven to the gates

Where the lights shown luminiously

Road to all fates

Take away everything painlessly


Driven to the gates of dreams

Stream to wonders

Open eyes seem to gleam

Where the sound of trumpets thunder


Gates to where driven

Where hands aren't on the wheel

Where compassion is all feel

Drifting into air away from livin'

Drive to the gates

Where we don't know what awaits


Wheels keep turning

To the open doors

The cloudy floors

Residue of mist churns

The windshielf becomes clear

Where driven becomes to no fear


Driven to the gates wide open

Windows down and the sound echoes

The soft breeze that flows pours in

Music of trumpets and chimes that flows


Driven and I keep driving

To the sounds of joyful noise

With my eyes on the road

I keep surviving

Time that tolls, but I keep poise

The gates of gold


Driven to the gates I will find

Fighting for what's in mind

Until time disappears

And my mind is clear

I shall travel that road of mine

God said everything will be fine


Those gates are still far

So I am driven

To each star

An angel of Heaven

Stands watch for me

Until I reach those doors eventually


I stand driven to those gates


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