Drive Safely

"Hey mom how are you I'm calling to say I am on the road and that I love you."
"I love you too be safe out there wouldn't want our precious daughter to be injured and right before the big game too!"
A mother telling her daughter to be safe and yet she's putting her at the greatest risk, she's texting her while her precious cargo is driving it can't get anymore dangerous than this.
" I'll be ok it's your daughter I will be fine."
"Well thats good to hear be safe dear goodbye."
Not a word back from her daughter for the next thirty minutes, she's worried what if the text she tried to send was never finished.
Knocking on the door, "Hello mam are you the mother of Sandra Owens? I need you to come with me and hurry."
That face of fear has hit her mind, where is her daughter is she fine where has she been all this time?
Racing to the scene of the crime she spots pieces of cars along the road, there has been a bad accident she had been told.
Her heart drops below the surface when she spots her daughter's car, flipped over the rails by more than 20 yards.
Rushing out of the police vehicle to see if her "precious" cargo is ok, she spots her horribly injured and this is what she can say.
"Mama i'm scared I don't want to die I was doing all I could to be safe so why must I go when he was wrong?"
Mother is holding her daughters hand so long as she can hold on.
"Mama dont fret I'll be ok I can watch over you in the stars tonight."
She utters I love you with her last breath, thats the end of a young life and without driving safely there is now one less star shining bright.

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