Dreams Of A Girl

"The dreams of a girl

Not her own thoughts

Deeper i fell

I was taught,

How to kill.

Only in dreams

Would i see Such a thing

The horror seeped through

No longer i trust

Little girl to warrior

Become her i must

Little girl smiles

now that it's day

But as soon as it's night

Her happiness fades

She understands not

But broke and afraid

A fear pf the night

Awake, there she laid

Frozen in fright

Didn't know why they hate

what a terrible sight

to see her courage break

she never gave up

though heavy her heart

Told that she was a runt

tried to tell them through art

No one would listen.

"try to cheer up"

She put on a mask

But drank poison from a cup

To her, she had but one task

Because the way she grew up

"Keep them safe",

she would think

as she watched from afar

It's too late, they were the link

That put holes in her heart

watched them die each night

though it was only a dream

in her heart was a light

deprived of help from her demons

try to set right

the hope she was feeling

look in her eyes

they'll send you reeling

the child's a disguise

for a warrior that's bleeding."

This poem is about: 
My family



Sorry for the crappy writing buts

hope you like it ~Seawolf



54? whoa thank you

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